"Unconferencing" - Group event


New or controversial opinions matter! With a conference as diverse as this, it is inevitable that differences of opinion will arise, best practices will be acknowledged, and experiences shared. This session creates an opportunity to accelerate delegates’ participation in the exchange of ideas and deepen knowledge about CI theory and new approaches to CI practice. The art of conversation, essential in promoting knowledge transfer and learning, is a key expectation of this session.

This session is adapted from a traditional ‘unconference’ approach whereby the delegates set the agenda. You will be invited to nominate topics for discussion in an informal meeting. The format will be familiar to anyone who has ever visited Speakers’ Corner in London, famous for enabling passionate protest speeches and the promotion of contrarian views. The Unconferencing session invites you to share your experiences, challenge conventional wisdom, or simply listen to new perspectives on CI. Topics raised may prompt questions and you may want to propose a solution or agree among your group to make action notes for follow-up.

Anyone attending the conference can propose a topic for discussion. Simply spark an idea on the Unconferencing display board at the conference venue, and choose your own favourite topic from any that are already proposed. The 6 most popular topics will be picked for debate at the Unconferencing session.

Law of Two Feet
During this informal session you are encouraged to optimize your learning and knowledge sharing as well as time. If at any time during a meeting you feel that you are bored, or not able to contribute anything, you are expected to get up and move to some other place. This may be to one of the other informal meetings, or indeed to form an ad hoc huddle and a new conversation.  Observing this law ensures that delegates who attend a meeting are only those who really want to be there, and more ideas, opinions and knowledge are shared.

Step 0
Curious about the Unconferencing concept and further creativity tools for CI? Then, see our webcast
"How to Gain Creative Competitive Insights from your Organization’s Collective Competitor Knowledge".
Step 1
Suggest a topic for the discussion. Simply submit a few lines describing your discussion proposal either at the conference (bulletin board) or to
Step 2
Vote for your favourite topic(s) by at the conference
Step 3
Attend any of the discussions at the Unconferencing event.


June 5, 2018

  • The Unconference session is introduced to all delegates attending the Pre-Conference Reception.
  • Delegates are invited to share their experiences or discuss a controversial or interesting topic relevant to CI by initiating one of a series of parallel 1-hour Unconference sessions on the following day.

Bulletin Board

  • Delegates who want to initiate a meeting spark their topic idea on a display board at the Pre-Conference Reception.
  • Other delegates review the ideas and decide whether any of the proposed meeting topics are interesting. Marker pens and Post-it notes enable any delegate to annotate the meeting proposals with comments.
  • We are limited to 6 topics (meetings) in total.

June 6, 2018

  • Delegates attend any one of the 6 pre-announced meetings.
  • They are encouraged to move between meetings as they wish (see Law of Two Feet above).
  • Meeting initiators may use any style to spark a conversation, but formal presentations (e.g. PowerPoint) are not permitted.
  • Meetings may be active or passive – as speakers and audience informally decide.
  • The Law of Two feet ensures that whoever attends a meeting is the right person to be there – to share ideas and opinions, and to learn.