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The overall experience was very pleasant, the content was balanced. The variety of speakers from different companies and different backgrounds gives us great insights into how they are running CI in their companies.
Jason Loh Kimleng
Team Manager, Panasonic R&D Center

It has been a delight to attend to this ICI conference. There were great opportunities to share information and knowledge on such a specific matter as the competitive intelligence is with qualified people.
Roberto Cortucci
Head of Market Intelligence & Demand Planning - MEAI Pirelli

The show was a success. It allowed me become reacquainted with old friends and colleagues, meet new ones, and learn something new.
Larry Fouconnet
Senior Strategy Consultant, Integrated Strategic Information Services
United States

The conference was very well organized and very different (positively) from what I imagined!
Marcos R. Dreher
Market Intelligence & Research Manager, BEKO Technologies GmbH

At this conference you have access to a whole group of CI users who are a source of inspiration for everyday work ... I will certainly come again!
Willem Vos
Topcon Europe Positioning B.V.

The ICI conference offered a good selection of different CI-related topics and a balanced mix of presentations and networking opportunities. The conference organization was excellent.
Sylvia Geisler
Health & Nutrition, Evonik Degussa GmbH

I liked the networking, getting to know academic people and meeting people who use CI on a day-to-day basis, as well as suppliers, so that is a big bonus.
Miek Verbeek
Customer Marketeer, Carglass N.V.

Excellent speakers from industries and governmental institutions. A well-designed conference,good networking opportunities.
Sanket Bhatia
Sr. Manager - Corporate Development, Swissmetal Industries Ltd.

The most important thing about this conference is that there are a lot of experts who exchange their ideas and views, because you can always learn something from another industry and can hopefully also share something from your own industry.
Apu Gosalia
Head of Global Competitive and Market Intelligence, Fuchs Petrolub

The most important thing I learned here was that there is so much knowledge about CI out there and it is great to build these connections because collectively it helps all of us to take CI to the next level within our own organizations.
Ranjita Ghosh
Head of Market and Competitive Intelligence, WIPRO Limited

For me the exchange of practical experience is as significant as the insight into innovative methodologies. That’s why participation at this conference is so important for me.
Reiner Wergen
Head of Competitive Intelligence, Atos Worldline

CI Conference: build and maintain contacts; learn about new topics and benchmark your processes against your peers. In short: The art of competitive intelligence!
Joachim A. Pach
Competitive Intelligence Director, Myllykoski Sales GmbH

The ICI conference is a very good opportunity to learn about innovative and interesting CI topics, to share experiences with participants and speakers alike, and to build networks.
Jan Kazmaier
Global Market Evaluation, Project Manager Portfolio Development, Festo AG

I gained a lot. ... I met people who have defined market Intelligence and have many years of experience.
Sowmya Kalaivanan
Sales Manager, Sauer Components GmbH

If you want to learn about the potentials of CI, you should attend this conference!
Kai Goerlich, Market and Trend Analyst, SAP Deutschland AG & Co KG

It felt like the right place to be - in the center of CI-related activity both in Europe and in the world.
Amir Feishmann
Director, CICOM Global

ICI organized one of the best CI Conferences in the world. There was the perfect mix of the best practitioners and the best theorists from around the world, all of whom sincerely shared their experience with the attendees. This is a very animated and very useful conference for CI practitioners.
Evgeny Yushchuk
Professor of Urals State University of Economics

I came away with many new ideas that were new to me and I donít think I would have been exposed to them in the States. I found this to be extremely valuable.
Jason Tong
Competitive Intelligence Expert
United States

The wealth of information available in Europe is so enriching ... it’s like discovering a piece of gold
Judy Ashworth
Grünenthal GmbH

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