Complementary Social Activities

Evening Event:

19:00 Pre-Conference Reception

During our pre-conference reception on June 5, you’ll enjoy a relaxed meet-and-greet event at Bad Nau­heim’s “Scheune” (lit. “barn”), a 17th century building. It's located in the middle of the “old town” of Bad Nauheim, in walking distance of our confe­rence venue and most of the partici­pants’ hotels.

Of course, the Scheune has been trans­formed into a cool restau­rant/bar/lounge. In the Scheune you’ll enjoy a made-to-order pizza as well as drinks. Get together with those who already attended some of the pre-conference work­shops and those stopping by to warm up for the confe­rence.

Meeting Point: Marktplatz, 61231 Bad Nauheim - 19:00 to 21:00


Pre-Conference Reception

Evening Event:

18:00 – 23:00 Medieval Banquet

Our main social event on June 6, will be a very special one! Given that the ICI is holding its annual confe­rence for the 10th time (!), we have orga­nized an evening to express our gratitude to all attendees …  a big chunk of German hospi­tality in a very special German envi­ronment! Let’s let our hair down and cele­brate our anni­versary dinner in an appro­priate setting … a medieval fortress, good enough for any Hollywood movie, except that this will be the real thing!

We’ll travel by coach to the Ronneburg, a unique medieval fortress (11th century). Upon arrival you can stroll around and immerse yourself in the distant past by visiting the Ronneburg's fantastic museum and impressive inner courtyard. Then we’ll enjoy the pleasures of an original medieval banquet – the food will be cooked according to traditional recipes and served in “knightly manner” – beverages included! Together with some good ol’ music, you’re bound to enjoy the final highlight of the day when a falconer will present some of his birds of prey in our banquet hall. We recommend wearing very casual dress for this once in a lifetime extravaganza.
Check out the menu and be surprised by this exclusive event!

Meeting Point: Exhibition Area - Dolce Bad Nauheim


Castle Ronneburg

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